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A Movie Filmed in Banner in which Ranjit Mullick a Tollywood Actor had to turn up for his IBM interview in dhoti- kurta, since he couldn’t fetch his suit from dry-cleaners Banner on Chowringhee, where employees were on a strike. He didn’t get the job and, in his sartorial desperation, smashed open the Nu York showroom on Lindsay Street. Vignettes from Mrinal Sen’s film Interview shot in simmering Calcutta of 1969 in our Head Office showroom of Banner

Founded in 1950 by Late M L Bahri Banner is a name in the Oxford Dictionary which means ‘a box where dirty linen is kept. Nearly four decades on, Banner still remains the city’s “most preferred brand” for dry-cleaning, and the management has kept pole position through constant contrivance.

We command over 50 per cent market share of the laundry business in Calcutta, but realise the need to keep looking at new areas to keep our nose ahead,” says Raman Bahri who inherited the family business founded by the late ML Bahri in 1950. What started with the 53D Chowringhee Road outlet, spread its laundry chain to Hazra Road, New Alipore, Salt Lake, Lake Town and to Patna, Bhubaneshwar, Cuttack, Puri and Bokaro outside Calcutta.

Banner business comprises around 22 dry-cleaning outlets in Calcutta — 10 of them self-owned, others franchised — all served by a mechanised washing factory in Behala. We have ventured into bulk institutional laundry including hotels, clubs, hospitals and restaurants. We can set up in-house laundry for bulk business on the premises itself,” says Aman Bahri, who helps father Raman in running the chain. The group has also started manufacturing linen for institutions and maintaining the stocks, as another tool to ensure brand loyalty.

Besides a “strong home delivery system”, the Bahris’ dry-cleaning chain has also diversified into shampooing and deodorising of carpets, marble crystallisation and polishing of granite flooring, and upholstery cleaning.